• Phoebe Adams

Two baby buns in the oven!

Well, not quite.

Yesterday we had our transfer and it was amazing! Especially because I'd been so nervous about the low volume of eggs initially. Despite that, the eggs actually turned out to be great quality. Yay!

We had two really good looking blastocysts on day 5 (yesterday). One was hatching and the other one was a little less developed but still looked good.

So, they both went in!

And look how cute they are!! Can you see the two little dots in the middle / upper part of this pic? They're our two little guys.

Now obviously they have a lot of work to do before they actually become little bubba's, and of course they may not, but given that we haven't had any to transfer in the last two rounds I'm really happy.

And we have three on ice!

Keep those fingers crossed, we'll know in a week. Eek.


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