• Phoebe Adams

Trigger warning.

Ok, this is happening.

I had my scan this morning and it was pretty depressing. They could only see two follicles of the right size. I started to think that they might cancel the cycle, but I just got the call from the clinic to say that there are three, one is jut a little harder to access.

So from here I do the trigger injection tonight at 10.30pm. This is probably the most stressful injection because it's so time specific. It triggers ovulation to happen at the right time for when they collect the eggs.

We then go in on Saturday morning (2 days away) for the collection. Because of the ovary that's hiding, they're going to put me under a general which means I won't see the collection happen. Not necessarily a bad thing as I cried the whole time last time at the tiny amount of eggs they got. Not the most relaxing experience!

So, we're getting to the pointy end. Fingers crossed. Standard.


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