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Ten fingers and toes, and a ten year gap

I'm pretty sure no-one would enter into parenthood with the plan to have a ten year gap between their kids. I can't imagine why you'd plan for that. Maybe to ease the load of school fees??? Nope, pretty sure you just wouldn't.

There's something quite weird that's happened in my family and Toby's where we have large gaps between siblings:

My mum had a ten year gap with her sister.

My dad had a ten year gap with his brother.

I have a ten year gap with my brother.

Toby actually has a 10+ year gap with his sister.

Isn't that weird??

What makes it even weirder is that if we are successful in falling pregnant, then Beatrix will have a ten year gap with her brother or sister.

I find it really odd.

Maybe there's some weird voodoo that's been placed on us where we literally couldn't fall pregnant unless we had the same kind of gap!!!

I know, that's stupid.

But I've thought a lot about how parenting number two would be different (if it works) vs. number one, as a much older mother. A 41 year old. Certainly not the spring chicken I was back then!

I'll be that old mother at mother's group with the mums in their 20's and 30's.

I almost certainly won't have the same energy that I had to get up at night with a baby.

I haven't changed a nappy for MANY MANY YEARS! Will I remember how to do it?

I'm sure there are positives to being older and wiser, and of course this wasn't done on purpose. I would have loved to have a child closer in age to Beatrix and in my 30's rather than 40's, but these are the cards we've been dealt. I just hope we can continue the trend and have that 10 year gap after all.

Phoebe x

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