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Synching cycles - here we go!

I often catch myself thinking that it's SO WEIRD that I'm currently in cycle-synch with a 21 year old South African girl who I have never met, but who is so generously and beautifully donating her eggs to me and my little family. She's taking drugs, I'm taking drugs, we're all taking drugs!! Just kidding. Just the two of us. All Tobes needs to do is do his bizzness in a jar. Ah, the injustice of it all.

Anyway, so yes, she is currently on her stimulation drugs, which hopefully she is going ok on. I was on the pill for a few weeks, had to wait for my cycle to start again, then had a hormone suppressing injection (which is also taken for Prostate cancer, incidentally) and have been taking 4x oestrogen tablets each day (which is also used to combat menopause symptoms, again - incidentally). It's a heady mix of hormones (or lack of hormones!?) which is leaving me quite emotionally charged - sorry family, friends, loved ones!!

But overall I'm feeling pretty good. We fly out in just six days, yahoo!! Tobes is pretty keen for a holiday, Bea is pretty keen to spunk off school for a couple of weeks and I'm pretty keen to make a baby. Win, win, watch this space.

Love, Phoebe xx

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