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Six. A magical number?

I had my first scan of this cycle today. This is where they check the lining of the uterus and count and measure the follicles. The follicles release the eggs. The more follicles, the more eggs. In theory. The follicles need to be a certain size, or maturity, to release an egg, which is 16mm+. Only three of the six follicles look like they will be the right size.

So, how do I feel? Pretty flat to be honest. This scan is similar to the one in my last cycle, which didn't turn out so great. It could have been worse though, I know that.

I've been working on my positive mindset and trying to be really relaxed during this process. It's a rollercoaster. I'd be lying if I said that I was positive the whole time.

The six best doctors: sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, diet
I like these doctors

I did a search to get some inspo to help make me feel better and found this ^.

Funnily enough after my scan I met with my coach for a session and sat in the sunshine, by the water in the fresh air eating a delicious healthy bowl of bircher muesli. She helped me give myself permission to go easy on myself and have some rest. So, I'm only missing exercise! Will do some later today. I guess if I can see the positive, it's that I have the space in my life to be kind to myself during this process.

Sunshine, water and beautiful fresh air at Manly Wine
Sunshine, water and beautiful fresh air

I just heard that my next scan will be on Thursday morning when I'll know more. Egg collection could be as early as Saturday. Fingers, toes and everything crossed.


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