• Phoebe Adams

Praying for a fighter

Anyone who has been through IVF will know that while each stage is difficult, waiting to see how your embryo's develop is one of the hardest parts. Particularly if your numbers are small.

We received the call yesterday to say that only one of our eggs fertilised, the other egg wasn't strong enough to survive.

Uggggggggghhhhhhhhh, only one. Now I know it only takes one, but there is usually a fairly high rate of drop off from day one of fertilisation through to day five when embryo's can be transferred, as the cells need to divide at a certain rate to be viable for pregnancy.

Please fight, little one xx

It's been quite a while since I've prayed. I think the last time was when I was in labour with Beatrix and she was in distress, almost ten years ago. I prayed very very hard then that she would be ok, and she was thankfully. And I prayed again this weekend. I've been praying to whoever is up there that this embryo is a little fighter and is strong enough to make it to day five. I've been visualising this little embryo as my child because I need to do that right now to will this little one to fight and be strong for us.

Sharing this journey has not always been easy because this is so raw and personal, but with every message of love I feel like we have a mini army barracking to help this embryo become a little person. Please keep us in your thoughts, it means so much xx

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