• Phoebe Adams

Nothing is certain in this journey

The last five days have been 80% incredible and 20% tumultuous.

What I've decided, is that I have to surrender to the outcome. Whatever will be, will be. Nothing I can do now will change it.

Let's start with Cape Town. It's AMAZING!!! We love it so much. We've done the V&A Waterfront, Table Mountain and various other districts - which have just been incredible. As a little family, we're very happy and tight right now.

My beautiful little family on the top of Table Mountain

On the IVF / egg donation side of things, on Wednesday we visited the clinic for the first time and met our Fertility Specialist, Dr Matebese. She's so lovely and supportive. She measured the lining of my uterus via ultrasound and it was perfect - better than perfect, apparently!

She also let us know that our donor's follicle count was quite a bit lower than she had hoped, which essentially means that the egg count will most likely be lower too. She had stimulated 8 follicles, which we later learned resulted in just 5 eggs. To put that in context, most egg donors deliver an average of approximately 15 eggs. So we were way off. Not the result we were hoping for from such a young donor.

BUT, here's the positive. Dr Matebese recognised our commitment and journey to be with her, and was able to offered us eggs from their egg donor bank, if we needed a back up given the low volume of eggs.

This meant that we could select a back-up egg donor with eggs that were already in the bank. We chose a beautiful 28 year old girl, who has two boys and used to love contemporary dance! I felt an immediate connection with her and know now that if our original donor doesn't work then we have an amazing second chance with her.

The moral of the story here is that this is a ROLLERCOASTER! There is no other way to describe it.

I'm hoping that we end on a high. Everything is crossed.

Thanks for all of your support, Phoebe xxx

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