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Not a very patient patient

Today is day 4 post egg collection. This period is all about the development of the embryo.

We received a call yesterday (day 3) from the embryologist to let us know how the little one was doing. It wasn't great news but it wasn't terrible either.

Here's our little one. At day 2 he should be at 4 cells, which he was. By day 3 he should be at 6-8 cells, but he's tracking behind at only 5 cells.

Now, there's a chance that he will catch up but an equal chance that he might not. The scientist really couldn't say which way it would go and gave us a 50:50 chance that we'd be going to transfer on day 5, tomorrow.

The worst part about this is that we won't know until tomorrow morning as they won't check him again until then. So either I head in for the transfer or I get the call to say that he didn't survive.

Last transfer day, I'd been at acupuncture all hopeful and positive but got the call in the carpark afterwards to say that we didn't have any embryo's survive. It wasn't a good call. At all. So I'm seriously hopeful that he can pull through and pick up a bit of pace so he can be put back where he belongs.

Time will tell. I suck at being patient. SUCK! So today will be a rough day. But I have no choice, so I'll let you know how things pan out tomorrow.


2, 4, 5, 6, 8 10 cell embryo's
Some cell image examples if you're interested!

Image source.

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