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Just be positive.

For me, 'positive' is a really loaded word when you're trying to have a baby.

It stems from the 'BFP' - the Big Fat Positive - the positive pregnancy test; which is what I want more than anything. Most people who have been trying to conceive for some time will know that you are likely to get a whole lot of BFN's before you get your BFP (if you get one at all). It can be really hard to be positive when you face so much negativity.

I heard Barry Du Bois talk on the radio this morning about a book he has written on his cancer journey, Life Force (here's a similar interview). He said something that really struck me about positivity. He is an investor and relates everything back to a return on investment. By being positive and giving someone a hug or a kind word, you can get a fantastic return on investment. But what's the return on investment for spending energy on being negative? Nothing at all!

Don't you love this?

I struggle a bit with the #abundance #livingyourbestlife kind of language. If I see people posting it repeatedly then I unfollow them. Not that I don't want that but I find it soooooooooo false. So the cynic in me is always reluctant to talk about that kind of stuff. Yeah I post happy pics on Instagram but I try to be real. Especially in sharing this story because there's just no way I can feel super positive and like I'm living my best life all the time. I'm scared and I'm worried about having a negative outcome. And I don't believe that just by being positive I can attract a positive outcome. But I am going to try and think about it as a good return on investment to be positive and see how that goes!

Sorry for the graphic image but here's me stabbing myself in the muffin top this morning. I don't really mind the needles but I am feeling a bit rubbish today. Headachey, tired, bit queezy. I'm not going to dwell on that though, instead I'm going to reflect on how awesome this medicine is and how happy I am that it can help people like me meet their little plus one. Hopefully.

Love Phoebe x

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