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Jess and her fertility journey - second opinions count!

Jess first realised that she might have issues with her fertility in 2013 post a laparoscopic surgery for Endometriosis and in 2016 she and her husband began IVF.

At that time Jess was told that she and her husband were young so they should expect a result reasonably quickly, however after seven embryo transfers and as many negative pregnancy tests, they are still waiting for their Plus One.

After more than two years, this journey has really taken its toll, both emotionally and financially. And, like many of us, Jess is starting to worry that it might not be possible and wished she had the answers to help her understand why it isn't working.

"One minute you're super excited about the future and the next minute your future is taken from underneath you when you get the call about another negative test. It's like a roller coaster ride, you're up one second, down the next. The grief after each negative test makes it hard to get out and about sometimes". Says Jess about her journey to date.

My husband has been my rock - Jess' story
My husband has been my rock - Jess' story

"My husband has been my rock through these times, however I know it affects him just as much as it does me. We usually cry together after we get the test results back. I don't take the calls from the nurses anymore, my husband does. I just can't hear the 'Sorry, it's negative' comment anymore".

Get a second opinion from the beginning
Get a second opinion from the beginning

When looking back on the journey to date, Jess wishes that she had sought a second opinion right from the start rather than staying with the first fertility doctor they were referred to. After five fails they got a second opinion and wish they had sooner, and would definitely recommend this for anyone else who is on this journey.

Jess and her husband are planning for another round soon which hopefully will be positive. We look forward to staying in touch and hearing their news.

Thanks Jess xx

From Phoebe & the Minus One team:

We definitely recommend doing your research when it comes to your fertility doctor and clinic. It's often easiest to go to the most convenient or the most familiar, but you can save time, money and heartache by ensuring that your doctor and clinic are aligned with your goals from the very beginning. Not to mention hopefully get a positive result!

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