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Egg collection day

Today was a big day and I was pretty excited to get these little eggies out!

I had to be nil by mouth for the general anaesthetic which was interesting as I usually drink loads of water and start each day with a cup of tea, but I survived. Obviously!

Prior to egg collection at Genea Sydney

The whole set up at Genea was really good. The nurses were really attentive and we felt like we were in good hands. The collection itself was ok and they collected two eggs. I would have liked more but as our doctor reminded us, everyone gets really caught up in the quantity but it's really the quality that matters. A woman was wheeled into the room next door and told she had 11 eggs. Quality not quantity. I'll keep reminding myself that.

I was a bit anxious about the general because I'd never had one before but it was fine! I didn't even know I was falling asleep and the next thing I knew I was awake.

I was feeling pretty groggy but otherwise ok. The pain after the procedure varies depending on how much work they need to do to collect the eggs, but so far so good. It's more like a dull ache rather than pain.

Egg collection at Genea Sydney
After - still a bit sleepy

When I woke up Tobes was providing his 'sample'. Seems like someone had the fun job here. Standard IVF.

Post egg collection at Genea
All done!

The embryologists fertilise the eggs overnight and tomorrow we will get a call to let us know how that went. Ideally they will both fertilise! After that there is a three day check on the embryo's to see how they are developing and then the final check is at day five to see if there is one to transfer. The odds aren't great with only two to play with but I'm still hopeful. Ironically tomorrow is Mother's Day and science could be helping me to be a mum to another little one, or fate might not be on my side. Time will tell.


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