• Phoebe Adams

A little South African stowaway

It's been a week since we landed from Cape Town, after an incredibly magical trip!

I decided to do a pregnancy test that night (Monday) to get the negative out of the way so I could test each day until the first blood test five days later on Saturday.

Well, guess what? It was positive!!!

So I tested a couple of times (ok, a lot) over the next few days - and they were all positive.

Note: the code on this, from the top, is 5 days past 5 day transfer > 8 days past 5 day transfer.

A 5 day transfer means that the egg was fertilised, became an embryo and developed for 5 days before it was transferred.

Now, in IVF land you're not really pregnant until you get the blood test results and see the levels of HCG and then how those levels multiple over the next. Today I got my first result and it confirmed the pregnancy with an HCG level of 436 at just over 4 weeks, which is perfect!

Most people don't share their pregnancy news until 12 weeks because there are still a lot of milestones to reach before you can feel confident that a baby will definitely be on the way, but I know that if something goes wrong you will have my back so I'm happy to share. And I'm channeling positive vibes and am confident that in May 2019 there will be a new little bubba Adams!

There have been a lot of tears in the last week and I think I'm still in shock, so are my hubby and daughter, but I'm so excited. Thanks for all of your support.

Love, Phoebe xx

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