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A holiday, with a bit of IVF on the side

I like to think that this will be the case for our upcoming trip to Cape Town. A lovely holiday, with a little bit of IVF on the side.

Cape Town @lonelyplanet

After a few months of gathering myself and finding some energy to continue following our last failed round, I can now report that our airfares are booked, I have started the medication that will synch my cycle with my egg donor's and she will start hers soon too (more on that later). We will be in Cape Town for two weeks in early September.

So, taking a step back ... what's been happening since.

Well, to be honest, I have been pretty up and down emotionally. I've been wishing the previous round had worked, wondering if I could have done anything differently, wondering if Toby was really on the journey with me, contemplating how I will feel using someone else's eggs, uncertainty about taking a risk by flying around the world to try again, worrying about the ongoing expense of this crazy exercise ... you get the idea. It's been pretty full on.

But, I know that I need to try one more time to have another child. I just know that I'm not done yet. I've found a lot of hope in talking to other people about using donor eggs, people who have had success after so many years of failed attempts using their own eggs. I feel positive about giving it a go. I'm just soooooooo scared that if it doesn't work I will fall apart. I need to remind myself that that might be our reality; it just might not be our path. At least if I go into this hopeful but realistic I think (hope) I will be ok.

I do need to compliment Cape Fertility and ababySA for their fantastic service so far! They have made the whole process much simpler than I thought possible when I first started investigation.

If anyone has questions about egg donation or travelling overseas for IVF then please let me know. I will share more of my journey from here too.

Love, Phoebe xx

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